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VMS relies heavily on financial support from our mentors, mentees, and friends. With your generous financial support, you will join those who have shown their commitment to helping VMS educate MIT's emerging entrepreneurs. 

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Donor Spotlight - Charlie Yie

A VMS mentor on why he gives back


Charlie Yie "Introduced to VMS by founder Alec Dingee many years ago now, I value engaging with MIT students, alumni, staff, and faculty members in their efforts to get ventures off the ground. From my decades of experience in the venture capital and private equity industry, I am a convert to the VMS Mission. That is to say, helping to round out technically trained entrepreneurs with key insights and understandings, which we as mentors can share from our experience in the business world to help them succeed now and in the future.” - Charlie Yie


After graduating with a BSEE in 1980 and working for Hewlett-Packard, Charlie returned to MIT to attend the Sloan School, and thereafter, serendipitously entered the VC and private equity industry.  His career has spanned more than three decades as a General Partner with Ampersand Capital, evolving strategically from managing focused funds in specialty materials, then to industrial technology and healthcare, and now exclusively to healthcare.  He has served on numerous private and public company boards, including as Chairman.  He has been an active VMS mentor since 2010.


We sincerely thank Charlie and his wife Margo for their long-time generosity, mostly notably for their leadership in building the VMS endowment.


MIT Venture Mentoring Service Donor Honor Roll

We thank the following mentors, entrepreneurs and friends who supported the Venture Mentoring Service in Fund Year 2020 (July 2019 – June 2020).

Edward Ahn
Carlton Aird
Gordon and Kate Baty
Afarin Bellisario
Jeffrey Bernstein
Vivian Bolt
Adele Bozza
Karl Buttner
Audrey Chaing
Aliki Collins
Richard Dana
Ardeshir Falaki
Geoffrey Gill
Louis Goldish
Robert Goodof
Robert Gottlieb
Allan and Janet Green
Jonathan Green and Jennifer Stone
Sherwin and Vivian Greenblatt
Zain Gulamali
Joseph Hadzima
James Harrison
John Warren Harthorne
Catherine Iacobo
Karl Iagnemma
Carter Jernigan
Jonathan Katz
Steven and Carolyn Kelly
Jamie Kemler
Charles Kiefer
Lawrence Krakauer
Kristin Kupres
Gene Landy
Eric and Yolanda Lau
Oscar Lazaro
Hikyu Lee
Douglas Levin
Howard Levin
Nancy Levy
Linda Lewi
Roman Lubynsky and Karen Golz
George Mabry, Jr.
David Manns
Walter Massenburg
Ali Merchant
Peter Miller
Quinton Ng
Kenneth Nill
Bruce Osterling
Andrew Percey
Neil and Anna Winter Rasmussen
Peter Rosenblum
Daniel Ross
Alexander Sappok
Samuel Schaevitz
Ronald Scharlack
Andrea Schievella and Robert Karp
Joel Schindall
Richard Scott
William Severns
Donald Shobrys and Carol Aronson
Kevin Sieck
Emilie and Frank Slaughter
Stephen Smith
Jerry Socol
Joseph Soussou
Donald Steinbrecher and Rochelle Robbins
Howard Sumner
Bruce Sunstein
Elliot Swan
Bill Townsend
John Turner and Tee Taggart
James Van Alan
Pierre and Amy Villeneuve
Melinda Watman
Steven Willis
Charles and Margo Yie
Jerome Zadow
Charles Ziering
Todd and Karen Zion