Zepteon, Inc. is a privately held corporation founded in 2012 that has developed first in class chromatography resins capable of separating antibodies with specific sugar structures (nonfucosylated) that are more potent against diseases like cancer. Zepteon’s mission is to streamline the development of biosimilar antibodies.

Zepteon’s Glycap-3A resin can be used to make a biosimilar antibody with a nonfucose level that matches that of the original drug, or one with a nonfucose level at the upper end of the range of the original drug to differentiate it from other biosimilars on the market. The resin could also be used to make a biobetter antibody that has a far higher nonfucose level than the original antibody.

Zepteon chromatography resins can be used to prepare material to evaluate the effects of a wide range of nonfucosylation levels in studies of antibody function. The technology can also be used analytically, for example, to determine antibody nonfucosylation levels as a function of cell culture conditions.

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