VMS Mentored Companies in the News

Title Date Link
Accion Systems in the Boston Herald: Charlestown's Accion Systems debuts satellite propulsion unit 11/20/2018 link
VentriFlow takes home $100K at 2018 TechOut Competition 11/20/2018 link
Ginkgo Bioworks: Ginkgo Bioworks and Glycosyn LLC Announce $14MM Deal to Scale Production of Human Milk Oligosaccharides 11/19/2018 link
Accion's 1st Space Thrusters Could Launch on a Cubesat This Weekend 11/19/2018 link
Bluefyre: Threat Stack acquires Bluefyre in cloud infrastructure security push 11/19/2018 link
Vicarious Surgical included in Forbes 30 under 30 Manufacturing 11/19/2018 link
Agrivida rolling out new corn-based phytase into US poultry segment 11/19/2018 link
Aquanis awarded $3.5 million funding from US DOE for improvements in wind technology 11/19/2018 link
Aquanis: East Greenwich company gets $3.5M grant to improve wind turbines 11/19/2018 link
Akselos: EU awards €1.4m to slash offshore wind material costs 11/19/2018 link
Aquanis:Department of Energy Announces $98 Million for 40 Transformative Energy Technology Projects 11/19/2018 link
Aquanis: Rhode Island company gets grant for wind turbine technology 11/19/2018 link
Accion Systems: Rocket Lab performs first commercial launch 11/15/2018 link
Delair Acquires Airware to Expand Drone Technology 11/6/2018 link
WaveSense in Forbes - The Road To Autonomous Truck Viability Begins To Clear 11/6/2018 link
Learning Beautiful launches website 11/6/2018 link
Jurassic Park for Perfume: Ginkgo Bioworks Reconstructs Scents From Extinct Plants 11/6/2018 link
Failed drone startup Airware auctions assets, Delair buys teammates 11/1/2018 link
Wave Sense: Ground-penetrating radar lets self-driving cars 'see' below the road 11/1/2018 link
Humon in the MIT News: Monitoring muscles to improve athletic training 10/30/2018 link
Affectiva in Fortune Magazine: Why Teaching Computers Emotional Intelligence Is Important 10/30/2018 link
Terrafugia: Chinese Manufacturer Now Announces Pre-Orders For Flying Car 10/30/2018 link
Maersk invest in Spoiler Alert technology 10/30/2018 link
Hey,Charlie in the MIT News 10/26/2018 link
Fox Harrell in the MIT News: Exploring the future of learning through virtual and augmented reality 10/22/2018 link
Strand Therapeutics in Fierce Biotech online: Improving cancer immunotherapy by controlling RNA expression 10/22/2018 link
Shipping giant Maersk invests in Spoiler Alert 10/22/2018 link
Spoiler Alert adds global logistics leader Maersk as newest investor 10/22/2018 link
Flexetail on ABC News: Made in Mass (video) 10/22/2018 link
There's an Energy of Offices in XL Fleet (fka XL Hybrids in the Boston Globe) 10/15/2018 link
Accion CEO Talks Boeing Deal and Propelling GEO Aspirations 10/15/2018 link
Boeing leads $3M round to boost Accion Systems' electric space propulsion system 10/15/2018 link
Accion Systems takes on $3M in Boeing-led round to advance its tiny satellite thrusters 10/15/2018 link
Transatomic Power: A nuclear startup will fold after failing to deliver reactors that run on spent fuel 10/15/2018 link
WaveSense in Xconomy: WaveSense Uses Ground-Penetrating Radar to Help Driverless Cars See 10/15/2018 link
Akselos: Innogy Ventures and Shell Ventures Back Predictive Digital Twin Pioneer with $10 Million Investment 10/15/2018 link
Mobile Pixels' DUO Selected as Finalist in 2018 MassChallenge Boston 10/15/2018 link
Ministry of Supply in Forbes: How To Build Brand Ethics Into Your Marketing, Right Now 10/15/2018 link
Transatomic Power: Inside the Winding Down of a Nuclear Reactor Startup 10/15/2018 link
Sigma Ratings: Former U.S. Treasury official and compliance executive Robert Werner joins Sigma Ratings 10/15/2018 link
Mesodyne: Tech Firm Pitches Mini-Generator to Lighten Battery Load for Troops 10/15/2018 link
Transatomic Power in Xconomy: Transatomic Power Leader Talks Startup's Demise, Political Headwinds 10/15/2018 link
Terrafugia on NBC News: The Terrafugia Transition could end the long wait for flying cars 10/15/2018 link
Natalya Bailey in Inc Magazine: Female Founders 100 subset: The 16 Visionaries 10/5/2018 link
Spoiler Alert in Greenbiz.com: How Chipotle, MGM and Microsoft are trimming food waste 10/4/2018 link
Terrafugia on Fox Business: World's first flying car about to go on sale 10/1/2018 link
Affectiva in the Boston Globe: Back seat driver? New car cams may soon sense driver fatigue, texting, other distractions 10/1/2018 link
Ministry of Supply: These cleverly designed women's work pants use your own body heat to smooth wrinkles - and they're worth the $145 9/25/2018 link
DHS Awards Intafel $168K to Develop Virtual Machine Capability 9/25/2018 link
Cronos Gets Bigger As It Partners With Ginkgo Bioworks 9/25/2018 link
WaveSense in Bloomberg: Self-Driving Cars Can Handle Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Snow 9/25/2018 link
BioBright and Beckman Coulter Announce a Strategic Partnership to Bring Enhanced Technical Support Capabilities to Instruments 9/25/2018 link
WatchTower Robotics: Leak-Detecting Robot Inspired by a Party Dress 9/25/2018 link
Ministry of Supply: 26 companies you won't be surprised to find out were founded by graduates and dropouts of the top US colleges 9/24/2018 link
Zing Bowl: A New Kiosk Is Slinging Tapioca Tacos and Açaí Bowls in a Cambridge Mall 9/24/2018 link
Ministry of Supply: 6 startups are making innovative performance dress shirts for men 9/21/2018 link
SelecTech Celebrates 25 Years of Business 9/10/2018 link
WatchTower Robotics in Fast Company: This little robot swims through pipes and finds out if they're leaking 9/10/2018 link
WatchTower Robotics in Business Insider: A 28-year-old MIT graduate has created a leak-detecting robot that could eliminate some of the 2 trillion gallons of wasted drinking water annually 9/10/2018 link
Ginkgo Bioworks strikes deal to develop strains of cannabinoids 9/10/2018 link
CustomSpace leases space in New Jersey 9/10/2018 link
WaveSense in VentureBeat: WaveSense raises $3 million for ground-penetrating radars that help autonomous cars navigate roads 9/10/2018 link
WatchTower Robotics: MIT grad on Forbes 30 Under 30 made a robot to detect water pipe leaks 9/7/2018 link
WaveSense in the news: Ground-penetrating radar to make self-driving cars safer in bad weather 9/6/2018 link
Terrafugia in the news: Boston-Based Flying Car Company Expands Regional Footprint 9/6/2018 link
Aavia in the news: Smart sensor makes it easier for women to manage their birth control pills 9/6/2018 link
Affectiva: SoftBank Taps Affectiva to Boost Pepper Robot's Emotional IQ 9/6/2018 link
Terrafugia in the Boston Globe: Woburn flying car company gains some altitude 9/6/2018 link
Terrafugia in the Boston Globe: With a new Chinese owner, Terrafugia says its flying car is getting closer to takeoff 9/6/2018 link
LoveBox in VentureBeat: 4 of the coolest things we saw at IFA 2018 9/6/2018 link
Cronos Group and Ginkgo Bioworks Announce a Landmark Partnership to Produce Cultured Cannabinoids 9/6/2018 link
WatchTower Robotics: A small rubbery robot could save more water than any conservation campaign 9/6/2018 link
Modulate launches beta of their voice-changing technology. Featured in Bostinno. 9/5/2018 link
Alex Pustov from Synaps Labs on MIT Entrepreneurial Resources in Medium Magazine 9/4/2018 link
Akselos in Forbes - Digital Twins Provide A Window Into The Future For Ageing Assets 8/27/2018 link
Conversational AI Innovator Giant Otter Announces Commercial Availability 8/27/2018 link
ProtonVPN expands into Africa with new South Africa servers 8/27/2018 link
Leuko on WCVB5: Prototype calculates risk of infection using videos of fingernail 8/24/2018 link
WaveSense in Wired Magazine: Self-Driving Cars Should Look Down, Not Just Ahead 8/23/2018 link
WaveSense in Boston Business Journal: Startup wants to help self-driving cars peer into the earth 8/23/2018 link
Rocketbook: This notebook lets you erase all your notes and start again 8/23/2018 link
Hey,Charlie in Bostinno: 10 local startups fighting the opioid crisis 8/23/2018 link