VMS Mentored Companies in the News

Title Date Link
HighRes Biosolutions And TetraScience Integrate Technology To Provide R&D Labs With Next-Generation Lab Automation5/28/2019link
Humon in Fast Company: Why NBA athletes are using this device to enhance their training5/28/2019link
Furniture Masters Kickstarter in the news5/24/2019link
Furniture Masters launches on Kickstarter: The strongest, foldable sofa that assembles instantly5/22/2019link
Humon launches Apple Watch app for its muscle oxygen sensor5/20/2019link
Fox Harrell in the MIT News: Virtual reality game simulates experiences with race5/20/2019link
Sloan News: Acoustic Wells taps MIT $100K Launch top prize5/20/2019link
Yahoo Finance: Acoustic Wells wins 2019 MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition5/20/2019link
MIT News: Solution for remotely monitoring oil wells wins MIT $100K5/20/2019link
Pison receives Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant5/20/2019link
Nesterly in the news: How A Tech Platform Is Helping Two Generations Find Housing Under One Roof5/20/2019link
Acoustic Wells wins 2019 MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition5/17/2019link
Bevi in the Boston Globe: At Bevi, the talk is pretty much all watercooler talk5/16/2019link
Bevi wins NEVY 2019 Award - CleanTech Company of the Year5/16/2019link
Root AI in Tech Startups.com - Root AI unveils a tomato-picking robot that is more efficient and accurate than humans5/16/2019link
SiPure Membranes named as one of the 2019 MIT Water Innovation Prize winners5/16/2019link
WaveSense CTO to Present the State-of-the-Art in Autonomous Vehicle Navigation at AutoSens 2019 in Detroit5/16/2019link
Root AI on CNBC - This robot can pick tomatoes without bruising them and detect ripeness better than humans5/15/2019link
Salient Predictions: Local Oceanographer Wins National Forecasting Contest With Help From His Sons5/6/2019link
Lumii - Boston Startup Collabs With Portico Brewing on Hologram Style Can Label 5/3/2019link
Czar Powers receives Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Grant4/30/2019link
SiPure announced as winner of Clean Water Prize4/26/2019link
Flexetail in the news: Learning Retail by Doing Retail4/22/2019link
Drag launches Drag 2.0: Team Edition4/22/2019link
Embr - Climate Control Gets Personal4/19/2019link
Review: Humon Hex, optimise training intensity with muscle oxygen4/19/2019link
Xibus Systems: Spinout seeks to transform food safety testing4/19/2019link
Elektrofi partners with LEO4/19/2019link
Affectiva Raises $26M to Get Self-Driving Cars to Know Your Mood4/19/2019link
What's next after Affectiva's $26M round? Possible new office, NuTonomy team-up 4/19/2019link
Affectiva Raises $26M to Get Self-Driving Cars to Know Your Mood4/12/2019link
ClearMotion on Fox25 News (video in link)4/12/2019link
Cogito in the Wall Street Journal: What AI Can Tell From Listening to You4/12/2019link
Nelson Wang from Czar Power named on Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia list4/11/2019link
Optimus Ride brings self-driving cars to private communities in NY and CA4/11/2019link
Accion Systems joins Jeff Bezos in Palm Springs for MARS conference4/11/2019link
Altaeros tests airborne radio systems for affordable rural coverage4/11/2019link
change: WATER labs in the news: Water technology companies: Seven start-ups bringing tech to the tap4/11/2019link
Ginkgo Bioworks: Motif Ingredients Joins Food-Tech Innovation With $90M In Funding4/11/2019link
Affectiva in the MIT Technology Review: Your next car could have a built-in road-rage detector4/11/2019link
ReviveMed Receives Frost & Sullivan AI-Driven Next-Generation Metabolomics Technology Innovation Award4/11/2019link
Aquanis wins Rhode Island Inno "Tech Madness" Competition4/5/2019link
Accion in the News at San Diego State University4/4/2019link
Root AI in the Boston Globe: Robotic Farming - It looks to be a growth industry4/2/2019link
Rent Items launches MVP4/2/2019link
ProtonMail has been awarded €2 million from the EC to develop encrypted services3/11/2019link
Natalya Bailey from Accion in the News: Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Pioneers | Best Innovators Under 353/11/2019link
Akselos: OGTC funds effort to create digital twins of pressure vessels3/11/2019link
Rocket Innovations: Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook3/8/2019link
Gingko Bioworks uses $90M funding round to launch ingredients firm Motif3/7/2019link
Eden GeoPower starts crowdfunding campaign to fund off-grid geothermal plants3/7/2019link
Lightmatter - Alphabet invests in a start-up using beams of light on chips for super-fast A.I.3/7/2019link
Embr Labs Launches Specialized Sleep Waveform For Best-Selling Wearable3/7/2019link
Modulate wants to bring voice skins to your favorite online games3/7/2019link
Modulate in the Boston Globe: A Cambridge startup aims to give gamers the voice of their choice3/7/2019link
Bevi Unbottling The Future With Customized Beverages3/7/2019link
When our devices can read our emotions: Affectiva's Gabi Zijderveld3/7/2019link
Artaic in the Boston Globe: Angling for color3/7/2019link
WaveSense: Finalists Named for 11th annual Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge3/7/2019link
Rendever: Local seniors experience Patriots Super Bowl parade through virtual reality3/7/2019link
Cambridge 'voice skins' startup Modulate raises $2M in seed funding3/5/2019link
Modulate raises $2 million to create customizable 'voice skins' for games3/5/2019link
Akselos announces R&D project with the Oil and Gas Technology Centre2/28/2019link
Bevi CEO Explains How An Idea For A Product Grew Into A Sustainable Startup2/24/2019link
Vicarious Surgical in TechCrunch: Robotics, AR and VR are poised to reshape healthcare, starting in the operating room2/24/2019link
VR, surgical robotics company Vicarious Surgical lands $10M2/22/2019link
Altaeros launches aerial cell tower2/22/2019link
Lunar Station Corporation in Bostinno: This MIT Startup Helps Us Understand the Moon Better2/22/2019link
AirWorks Solutions Raises $2.3 Million in seed round2/19/2019link
Altaeros in the Boston Globe: Altaeros takes cell service to new heights2/19/2019link
Bill Gates-backed Vicarious Surgical adds a virtual reality twist to robots in the operating room2/15/2019link
Vicarious Surgical Secures an Additional $10 Million in Funding2/15/2019link
Embr Labs Enters Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation2/15/2019link
Rendever - Tech products help the elderly stay independent2/15/2019link
Ministry of Supply to Sell Sweaters That Auto-Adjust to Their Wearers' Bodies2/15/2019link
Ministry of Supply: This Startup's New Jacket Is Taking On the Frigid Weather With Some Help From Amazon's Alexa2/15/2019link
Mobile Pixels' DUEX Selected as a Winner at the 2019 Edison Awards2/15/2019link
Vicarious Surgical raises $10m more2/15/2019link
Dotmatics and TetraScience announce technology integration2/15/2019link
DUST Identity Named to the MIT Startup Exchange STEX252/15/2019link
Affectiva's AI hears your anger in 1.2 seconds2/15/2019link
WaveSense CEO Tarik Bolat to Speak on Building the Safest and Most Reliable Self-Driving Vehicles Using Ground Penetrating Radar at MOVE 20192/15/2019link