VMS Mentored Companies in the News

Title Date Link
Ministry of Supply in Business Insider: The best places to buy button-down shirts for women 9/9/2019 link
Cogito Raises $20M to Expand Call Center Emotional Intelligence 9/9/2019 link
Ministry of Supply: Moving away from the wrist - smart clothing you'll actually want to wear 9/9/2019 link
Affectiva Appoints Graham Page as New Global Managing Director of Media Analytics 9/9/2019 link
Diagnostic Technology Company E25Bio Raises $2.3 Million 9/9/2019 link
Bilfinger and Akselos Form Partnership: Digital Twin of Complex Structural Assets for Near Real-Time Integrity Assessment 9/4/2019 link
Agrivida Announces $20 Million Financing Round 9/3/2019 link
Zilper Trenchless: Urban Water Challenge Winners Announced 9/3/2019 link
Cogito in AI Daily: Artificial Intelligence Provides Prompts to Help Humans Show More Empathy 9/3/2019 link
FGC Plasma Solutions included in article about Argonne entrepreneurship program 9/3/2019 link
WeCyclers: Empowering people with their trash 9/3/2019 link
Nearly five years on, Rocketbook is still blasting off 9/3/2019 link
E25Bio Raises $2.3M in Seed Funding 8/29/2019 link
Common Sensing Announces Appointment of John R. Dwyer to Board of Directors 8/26/2019 link
Root AI in Scout Somerville: Artificial Intelligence Meets Agriculture at Root AI 8/23/2019 link
Embr Labs in Fast Company: The billion-dollar race to invent a wearable air conditioner 8/23/2019 link
Ondas Networks and Altaeros to Provide Wide-Area Aerostat Network for Mission-Critical IoT 8/23/2019 link
ReviveMed on WCVB: Working to cure fatty liver disease 8/23/2019 link
Aquanis Receives $1M Grant from Department of Energy 8/23/2019 link
MIT Spinout Learning Beautiful and Education Disruptor Green Ivy Schools Partner to Teach Computer Science to Preschoolers 8/23/2019 link
Pop Up Labs Help Nurses Make Projects to Help Patients 8/23/2019 link
Ginkgo Bioworks Spinoff Raises $27M, Rebrands as Motif FoodWorks 8/23/2019 link
Optimus Ride in the Boston Globe: 'Self-driving' vehicles may need human help for a while yet 8/23/2019 link
Optimus Ride in the MIT News: Optimus Ride's autonomous system makes self-driving vehicles a reality 8/21/2019 link
Iterative Scopes, An MIT Healthcare Startup, Raises The Standard Of Cancer Treatment 8/21/2019 link
Clocky: ARROW SMART SHOPPING This Alarm Clock Makes You Chase It Down to Get You Out of Bed 8/21/2019 link
Ginkgo Bioworks Spinoff Raises $27M, Rebrands as Motif FoodWorks 8/16/2019 link
MIT Spectrum: The story of GelSight (VMS-mention) 8/15/2019 link
Dust Identity in the Boston Globe: Using diamond dust to root out bogus products 8/13/2019 link
Akselos in the news: A Longer Life for a Better Journey 8/7/2019 link
Optimus Ride's Brooklyn self-driving shuttles begin picking up passengers this week 8/7/2019 link
Mobile Pixels' TRIO Moves to InDemand After Wildly Successful Kickstarter Campaign 8/7/2019 link
Agrivida Launches $20 Million Financing Round with Lead Investment from the Open Prairie Rural Opportunities Fund 8/5/2019 link
Ministry of Supply in Business Insider: We tested this startup's ultra-lightweight dress shirts during the NYC heatwave — they kept us cool and dry 8/5/2019 link
Dust Identity: MIT Startup Raises $10M for Diamond Dust Object Identification 8/5/2019 link
Private Wireless Network Company Ondas Tests Altaeros' SuperTower Aerial Cell Tower 8/5/2019 link
Affectiva in the Washington Post: "'Emotion detection' AI is a $20 billion industry. New research says it can't do what it claims." 8/2/2019 link
Forbes - Ministry Of Supply's High-Tech Velocity Suit Jacket Defies All The Rules 8/2/2019 link
Raptor Maps in the News: Eight High-Flying Drone Startups Ready to Take Flight 8/2/2019 link
Radian Jeans on WBUR: Women's Jeans With Pockets Big Enough For A Smartphone Now Shipping From Boston Company 8/1/2019 link
Perch, A Techstars Startup, Is Lifting The $30 Billion Fitness Industry To New Heights 7/22/2019 link
Ministry of Supply: The sneakers inspired by Apollo 11 and the Moon landing 7/22/2019 link
Dust Identity secures $10M Series A to identify objects with diamond dust 7/19/2019 link
DUST Identity Raises $10M in Series A to Secure Goods Using Diamond Dust 7/19/2019 link
Leuko Raises $1.8M in Seed Funding 7/19/2019 link
Aquanis wins grant to develop lightning-protection coating for turbine blades 7/19/2019 link
Novo Space joins the Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator 7/19/2019 link
nesterly in Arkansas public radio: In Boston, Web App Matches Budget Renters With Senior Homeowners 7/19/2019 link
Mobile Pixels Press Release: On-the-Go Dual and Triple Laptop Screen Monitors, Now Available on Kickstarter 7/19/2019 link
Noninvasive White Blood Cell Monitoring Startup Leuko Raises $1.8 Million Seed Round 7/18/2019 link
Neal Fine from Aquanis on WPRI news 7/15/2019 link
Bevi in the New York Times: The Seltzer Bubble 7/15/2019 link
Radian Jeans in Bostinno: Deep Pockets: Radian Jeans is Here to Fix the Age-Old Problem 7/11/2019 link
Mobile Pixels in the News: TRIO promises the triple screen laptop of your dreams 7/11/2019 link
Mobile Pixels in the News: MIT grads have created a triple screen solution for your laptop 7/11/2019 link
VMS mentee Molly Bales's Lessons Learned as she leaves her venture, Adappt 7/11/2019 link
Cogito in Time Magazine: This AI Software Is 'Coaching' Customer Service Workers. Soon It Could Be Bossing You Around, Too 7/9/2019 link
Commonwealth Fusion Systems raises $115 million 7/8/2019 link
GelSight: MIT Created a Robot That Maps 3D Objects by Touch 7/8/2019 link
Labby presents at Sprint Accelerator 2019 Demo Day in Kansas City 7/8/2019 link
Rendever Launches EnvisionHome™ Platform Focused on Advancing Sales and Marketing Efficacy for Operators 7/8/2019 link
Raptor Maps Closes Investment to Boost Solar Farm Output and Improve Project Finance 7/8/2019 link
Traive Raises $1.3M to Connect Farmers With Lenders 7/8/2019 link
BioBright's Charles Fracchia interviewed by Technology Networks.com 7/8/2019 link
Virtual Reality Company Rendever Making Jump to In-Home Care 7/8/2019 link
Commonwealth Fusion Systems - A Boston startup developing a nuclear fusion reactor just got a roughly $50 million boost 7/1/2019 link
TRIO, by Mobile Pixels, on Yahoo! Finance 6/28/2019 link
Lumii in the MIT News: Creating 3-D images, with regular ink 6/20/2019 link
Sebastian Pattinson in the MIT News: Engineers 3-D print flexible mesh for ankle and knee braces 6/20/2019 link
InkBit in Tech Times: 3D Printer With 'Eyes And Brains' Can Print New Products That Weren't Possible With Normal 3D Printing 6/10/2019 link
WaveSense wins 'Newcomer of the Year Award' at TU-Automotive Detroit 6/10/2019 link
Sebastien Mannai from Acoustic Wells on Bloomberg Radio 6/6/2019 link
Tech startup Kytopen scores $3.6 million to accelerate the discovery and manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies 6/6/2019 link
WaveSense, a TU-Automotive Detroit Awards Finalist In Two Categories, to Exhibit at TU-Automotive Detroit 6/6/2019 link
ReviveMed on Chronicle 6/6/2019 link
InkBit in the MIT News: A 3-D printer powered by machine vision and artificial intelligence 6/6/2019 link
Strand Therapeutics Announces $6 Million Seed Financing to Advance its Programmable mRNA Therapeutics Platform 6/6/2019 link
WaveSense in the news: Radar finds new place in self-driving technology 6/6/2019 link
Flexetail in the Boston Globe: Is the future of retail on the move, literally? 6/6/2019 link
Affectiva: Accenture, Faurecia and Affectiva Team to Develop the Car Cabin of the Future 6/6/2019 link
Pison: Microsoft Spends In Seven AI Programs To Assist People With Disabilities 6/6/2019 link
Strand Therapeutics Announces $6 Million Seed Financing to Advance its Programmable mRNA Therapeutics Platform 6/6/2019 link