VMS Mentored Companies in the News

WaveSense in the news: Ground-penetrating radar to make self-driving cars safer in bad weather9/6/2018link
Terrafugia in the news: Boston-Based Flying Car Company Expands Regional Footprint9/6/2018link
Aavia in the news: Smart sensor makes it easier for women to manage their birth control pills9/6/2018link
Affectiva: SoftBank Taps Affectiva to Boost Pepper Robot's Emotional IQ9/6/2018link
Terrafugia in the Boston Globe: Woburn flying car company gains some altitude9/6/2018link
Terrafugia in the Boston Globe: With a new Chinese owner, Terrafugia says its flying car is getting closer to takeoff9/6/2018link
LoveBox in VentureBeat: 4 of the coolest things we saw at IFA 20189/6/2018link
Cronos Group and Ginkgo Bioworks Announce a Landmark Partnership to Produce Cultured Cannabinoids9/6/2018link
WatchTower Robotics: A small rubbery robot could save more water than any conservation campaign9/6/2018link
Modulate launches beta of their voice-changing technology. Featured in Bostinno.9/5/2018link
Alex Pustov from Synaps Labs on MIT Entrepreneurial Resources in Medium Magazine9/4/2018link
Akselos in Forbes - Digital Twins Provide A Window Into The Future For Ageing Assets8/27/2018link
Conversational AI Innovator Giant Otter Announces Commercial Availability8/27/2018link
ProtonVPN expands into Africa with new South Africa servers8/27/2018link
Leuko on WCVB5: Prototype calculates risk of infection using videos of fingernail8/24/2018link
WaveSense in Wired Magazine: Self-Driving Cars Should Look Down, Not Just Ahead8/23/2018link
WaveSense in Boston Business Journal: Startup wants to help self-driving cars peer into the earth8/23/2018link
Rocketbook: This notebook lets you erase all your notes and start again8/23/2018link
Hey,Charlie in Bostinno: 10 local startups fighting the opioid crisis8/23/2018link
Re-writing Nature's Recipe Book: How Ginkgo Bioworks is Poised to Upset Almost Every Industry You Can Think Of8/23/2018link
WaveSense in VentureBeat: WaveSense's ground-penetrating radars could make self-driving cars safer8/23/2018link
WaveSense seed round featured in Xconomy8/23/2018link
Liquid Assets: How Bevi Quenches Workers' Thirst For Reimbursements8/23/2018link
Terrafugia in Air and Space Magazine: So that's what flying cars are for8/23/2018link
Terrafugia Leases Property for Test Flights in Nashua, NH8/23/2018link
Embr Wave in KnowTechie: The Embr Wave is basically a thermostat for your wrist8/23/2018link
Advanced Silicon Group receives $100,000 SBIR from U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)8/23/2018link
Startup wants to help self-driving cars peer into the earth8/20/2018link
Terrafugia - Flying cars coming to Nashua Airport8/20/2018link
Xtalic - This Material Improves Charging Connector Wear By Up To 40 Times8/20/2018link
Hey,Charlie - Mental Health Recovery in the Digital Age8/20/2018link
bevi in the New Yorker: What Comes After LaCroix?8/20/2018link
Massachusetts Company Xtalic Enters EV Market8/10/2018link
Hey,Charlie in the News: A new app aims to help people recovering from addiction avoid environmental triggers8/10/2018link
Eden GeoPower secures grant on technology to increase permeability in geothermal reservoirs8/10/2018link
Tower Arch recaps Kiinde8/10/2018link
EGPNA, Raptor Maps to combine drone tech and AI software for solar O&M8/10/2018link
Root AI in Tech Crunch: Your vegetables are going to be picked by robots sooner than you think8/10/2018link
Natalya Bailey from Accion in Forbes: Nine Approaches To Achieving Success As An Entrepreneur8/8/2018link
SmartER acquires ConciergeStat8/7/2018link
Inexpensive biology kits offer hands-on experience with DNA8/6/2018link
Clocky featured on Today Show website8/6/2018link
Liquid Piston in the news: LiquidPiston Initiates Second Round of Equity Crowdfunding via Wefunder After an Oversubscribed Round8/6/2018link
Accion systems in Forbes: Space Force: How This Under 30 Startup Is Powering Satellites8/6/2018link
Nesterly in the news: Spare Bedrooms in Boston Homes Critical to Solving Housing Crisis8/6/2018link
Artaic in Forbes: Artaic Reinvents The Mosaic Tile Medium With Technology, Robots and Custom Colors8/6/2018link
Bevi brings on executives from Amazon Robotics and Boston Dynamics to reinvent the beverage supply chain7/30/2018link
Bevi in Bostinno: Why Water Cooler Maker Bevi Hired Two Robotics Execs7/30/2018link
Natalya Bailey from Accion in Bloomberg: This 31-Year-Old Rocket Scientist Is Changing Space Travel7/30/2018link
Mobile Pixels in the News: After Crowdfunding $862,433, the On-the-go Laptop Accessory, DUO, Continues to Accept Orders on Indiegogo's InDemand7/30/2018link
Cogito raises $37 million to analyze call center data with AI7/27/2018link
Accion Systems in Bloomberg: The Little Ion Engine That Could7/27/2018link
Mammut Acquires Digital Outdoor Platform Mountain Hub7/27/2018link
Bevi in the News: The Bevi System for Reducing Plastic Bottle Use7/26/2018link
Terrafugia in the Washington Examiner: Flying cars are just a few years away, companies tell Congress7/26/2018link
TVision Insights Gets New Funds and First COO7/23/2018link
Nesterly in the News: Seniors have too much house. Millennials have none. And a business model is born7/23/2018link
Terrafugia's first flying car should finally go on sale in 20197/23/2018link
Affectiva in the Boston Globe: Tech community wrestles over working with the government7/20/2018link
Dan Soto in Apparel News: Water-Repellent Textile Coating Promotes Safer Manufacturing Practices7/20/2018link
Strand Therapeutics selected as winner int he BIO International Convention Startup Stadium Challenge7/20/2018link
Terrafugia: First Flying Car Slated for 2019 Production with New Features7/20/2018link
Mobile Pixels: This Kickstarter Project Gives Your Laptop A Second Portable Display7/20/2018link
MIT-born TVision eyes expansion after $11.5M round7/20/2018link
Zhennovate LLC Of Los Alamos Awarded $20,000 Investment Prize From Arrowhead Center At NMSU7/20/2018link
Rendever in the Boston Globe:As older population grows, Massachusetts angles to become the Silicon Valley for 'age-tech'7/19/2018link
CHES Inc releases song to celebrate 10 year anniversary7/18/2018link
Sosolimited in the Improper Bostonian: The Big Picture7/17/2018link
Shreya Dave from Via Separations Named To MIT Technology Review's 2018 Innovators Under 35 List7/17/2018link
Wecyclers and Shoprite plan to remove waste from communities in 9 countries 7/12/2018link
Red Apple Lunch in the News: Food deliveries are remaking school lunch7/12/2018link
Ministry of Supply in Business Insider: I wore these $105 performance chino shorts during a NYC heat wave — and they're worth their high price tag7/6/2018link
Accion Systems in the Boston Globe: New England stakes its claim in New Space7/5/2018link
Airware Partners with Insurance Carrier to Boost Drone Inspections7/5/2018link
Ginkgo Bioworks in the News: This Boston Startup Is Helping the U.S. Government Fight Biothreats7/5/2018link
WaveSense files $3.00 million Financing form D7/5/2018link
Mobile Pixels: DUO, the On-the-go Dual Screen Laptop Monitor, Trends to Crowdfund Over $1.5M in Pre-sales7/5/2018link
Ginkgo Bioworks to Support Federal Biosecurity Via Spot on $8B DoD Contract; Partners With Northrop Grumman7/5/2018link
Shoprite Nigeria partners with Wecyclers in Africa's Biggest Cleanup Event7/5/2018link
Alba in Forbes: Alba, An MIT Startup, Helps Latin American Mothers Easily Find Babysitters7/5/2018link
Cogito and Hey,Charlie in Bostinno: These 11 Boston Startups Help Wrangle the Brain7/5/2018link
Accion Systems' Natalya Bailey Named To MIT Technology Review's 2018 Innovators Under 35 List6/28/2018link