VMS Mentored Companies in the News

Gamalon in the MIT Technology Review: How uncertainty could help a machine hold a more eloquent conversation5/23/2018link
Lumii in Ink World Magazine5/18/2018link
Optimus Ride in Bloomberg: Boston Startup Leading the Charge on Self-Driving Cars5/18/2018link
Leuko Labs Winner of Startup World Cup $1,000,000 Investment Prize5/18/2018link
Ministry of Supply in Forbes: The Most Comfortable Work Clothes5/18/2018link
Gabriel Bousquet in the MIT News: Albatross robot takes flight5/18/2018link
Veronika Stelmakh from Mesodyne - Scientist selected for DOE program5/14/2018link
STEMgem receives J-WEL grant5/11/2018link
FINsix Announces Strategic Partnership With Toyota Industries Corporation5/11/2018link
Street Diligence included among Benzinga Global Fintech Award Finalists For Best Analysis Or Research Platform5/11/2018link
Spoiler Alert included in USDA brainstorming on food waste solutions5/11/2018link
ClearMotion in the New York Times: Seeking a Smoother Ride, Whether You Drive or Your Autonomous Car Does5/11/2018link
Intel Leads $20M Investment in Transparent A.I. Startup Gamalon5/10/2018link
Common Sensing, Haselmeier ink deal to develop connected injection pen5/7/2018link
Ministry of Supply works with New Balance on new shoe - featured in GQ5/3/2018link
Cogito merges technology and behavioral science to aid Mass General patients, veterans and insurers5/3/2018link
Coffee Cookie - Two MIT Graduates Started Magis Industries To Launch Viral Consumer Products5/3/2018link
Leuko featured in "Clinical Oncology News"5/3/2018link
Terrafugia Partners with CEVT to Bring Flying Car to Market5/3/2018link
Akselos named as top innovator in the energy transition4/30/2018link
Mesodyne interviewed on public radio for participation in Argonne program4/24/2018link
Shivang Dave from PlenOptika speaks to students at New England College of Optometry4/23/2018link
Ginkgo Bioworks, Transcriptic Awarded $9.5M DARPA Contract4/23/2018link
Bounce Imaging releases new 360 camera mount for military and police dogs4/23/2018link
Common Sensing - healthcare startup to improve dose management for injectable drugs raises $6.6M4/23/2018link
ReviveMed, Raises $1.5M to Advance its AI-Driven Metabolomic Platform for Drug Discovery4/23/2018link
Nano-C raises $11.5 million for new wave of nanotech electronics and solar cells4/23/2018link
Optimus Ride in Boston Herald: Snowbanks a big obstacle for self-driving cars4/22/2018link
HelloFresh, Spoiler Alert Announce Results of Ongoing Partnership4/22/2018link
Embr Wave in the Boston Globe: Climate control on your wrist from Somerville-based company Embr Labs4/22/2018link
Mesodyne: Argonne selects innovators from across nation to grow startups4/22/2018link
ReviveMed turns drug discovery into a big data problem and raises $1.5M to solve it4/22/2018link
Terrafugia Workforce In 'Transition'4/22/2018link
Clocky in Mashable: Your coworkers will thank you for investing this alarm clock and getting to work on time4/22/2018link
Terrafugia Supplements Flying Car Operations after Geely Acquisition4/22/2018link
ReviveMed Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding4/22/2018link
Vicarious Surgical Closes $16.75 Million in Series A Funding4/22/2018link
Smarter in the City: Boston Tech Accelerator Aims To Fix 'Dividing Line' In Funding For Minority Entrepreneurs4/22/2018link
Terrafugia, Inc. To Create 130 New U.S. Jobs4/22/2018link
Common Sensing Secures $6.6M Series A Investment Round to Support Injectable Medicines4/22/2018link
Ginkgo Bioworks and Transcriptic selected by DARPA to leverage robotic cloud lab and foundry automation to accelerate biological design with $9.5 M award4/22/2018link
Vicarious Surgical comes out of stealth with $17m Series A for VR-based robot-assisted surgery device4/19/2018link
Lumii Creates 3D Imaging Using 2D Printing4/19/2018link
Terrafugia's new VTOL concept transfers detachable passenger pods between ground and sky4/17/2018link
Terrafugia hiring spree in Xconomy4/16/2018link
Takachar - Baker-Polito Administration Announces Grants for Early-Stage Cleantech Innovators4/16/2018link
Leuko Labs wins first place at 2018 M2D2 $200K Challenge4/12/2018link
Change:WATER labs in Fast Company: This Toilet Vaporizes Poop To Solve Sanitation Problems4/11/2018link
Altaeros - Soaring 'SuperTowers' Aim to Bring Mobile Broadband to Rural Areas4/6/2018link
MIT-Born A.I. Startup Legit Raises a $2.6M Seed Round to Scale Sales Team4/6/2018link
Ministry of Supply in Forbes: 'Alexa, Turn On My Jacket'4/6/2018link
Artaic in Slice of MIT: Revitalizing Ancient Art with Robotics4/6/2018link
Blimps Planned to Bring Wi-Fi to Remote Areas4/5/2018link
Optimus Ride in the New York Times: Building a Connected City From the Ground Up4/5/2018link
Leuko in Science Daily: Monitor detects dangerously low white blood cell levels4/5/2018link
Bounce Imaging device gives groundbreaking support to first responders4/5/2018link
LiquidPiston Enters the UAV Arena with a Revolutionary Rotary Engine4/5/2018link
Leuko in Medial Xpress: Monitor detects dangerously low white blood cell levels in chemotherapy patients4/5/2018link
Common Sensing Fundraising featured in Bostinno4/5/2018link
ProtonMail Launches a Shorter Email Domain and Other New Features for Encryption Lovers4/2/2018link
Synaps Labs in Forbes: One MIT Adtech Startup Is Generating Traffic Data To Help Build 'Smarter' Cities4/2/2018link
Leuko in the MIT News, VMS mention: Monitor detects dangerously low white blood cell levels4/2/2018link
Affectiva's Automotive AI could keep distracted and drowsy drivers from causing accidents3/30/2018link
Ginkgo Bioworks: Bayer Announces New Crop Science Incubator Space in California3/30/2018link
Christina Qi from Domeyard: 4 Ways These Women Hustled To Reach The Top Of Their Business3/30/2018link
Promethean Power: Dairy farmers reap benefits of milk chiller technology3/30/2018link
Optimus Ride and Nutonomy: Self-Driving Vehicle Testing Will Resume In Boston3/30/2018link
Optimus Ride and Nutonomy: Autonomous cars get green light3/30/2018link
TVision Insights Partners with Data Plus Math to Tie TV Attention Data to Outcomes3/30/2018link
Bounce Imaging: Luminate NY finalist Bounce Imaging wins award, recognition3/30/2018link
Optimus Ride and Nutonomy: Driverless cars return to Boston streets after fatal Uber crash in Arizona3/30/2018link
Altaeros: NH Town to Test Cell Service Blimp3/30/2018link
Altaeros: Blimp to bring broadband to rural areas receives OK for Fremont research facility3/30/2018link
Common Sensing Inc., Corporation just had published form D for $11.17 million equity financing3/30/2018link
Vicarious Surgical Inc., Corporation just submitted form D regarding $16.76 million equity financing3/30/2018link
Tinfoil Security in Time/Money Magazine: There's Almost Nothing You Can Do to Protect Your Personal Data Online3/30/2018link
Affectiva in PCMag: This Company Wants Your Gadgets to Understand Emotions3/24/2018link
Cogito in Wired: This Call May Be Monitored for Tone and Emotion3/24/2018link
Affectiva in Xconomy: Affectiva Launches A.I. Tech to Help Cars Sense Your Emotions3/24/2018link
Massachusetts Female Entrepreneurs Defy the Gender Gap in Technology (featuring Huda Elasaad)3/24/2018link
Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks Unveil Joint Venture, Joyn Bio, and Establish Operations in Boston and West Sacramento3/24/2018link
Accion Systems participated in Jeff Bezos' MARS conference 3/23/2018link