VMS Mentored Companies in the News

Title Date Link
ProtonMail has been awarded €2 million from the EC to develop encrypted services 3/11/2019 link
Natalya Bailey from Accion in the News: Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Pioneers | Best Innovators Under 35 3/11/2019 link
Akselos: OGTC funds effort to create digital twins of pressure vessels 3/11/2019 link
Elizabeth Weeks from COCO in the MIT News: Exploring the nature of intelligence 3/8/2019 link
Rocket Innovations: Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook 3/8/2019 link
Gingko Bioworks uses $90M funding round to launch ingredients firm Motif 3/7/2019 link
Eden GeoPower starts crowdfunding campaign to fund off-grid geothermal plants 3/7/2019 link
Lightmatter - Alphabet invests in a start-up using beams of light on chips for super-fast A.I. 3/7/2019 link
Embr Labs Launches Specialized Sleep Waveform For Best-Selling Wearable 3/7/2019 link
Modulate wants to bring voice skins to your favorite online games 3/7/2019 link
Modulate in the Boston Globe: A Cambridge startup aims to give gamers the voice of their choice 3/7/2019 link
Bevi Unbottling The Future With Customized Beverages 3/7/2019 link
When our devices can read our emotions: Affectiva's Gabi Zijderveld 3/7/2019 link
Artaic in the Boston Globe: Angling for color 3/7/2019 link
WaveSense: Finalists Named for 11th annual Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge 3/7/2019 link
Rendever: Local seniors experience Patriots Super Bowl parade through virtual reality 3/7/2019 link
Cambridge 'voice skins' startup Modulate raises $2M in seed funding 3/5/2019 link
Modulate raises $2 million to create customizable 'voice skins' for games 3/5/2019 link
Akselos announces R&D project with the Oil and Gas Technology Centre 2/28/2019 link
Bevi CEO Explains How An Idea For A Product Grew Into A Sustainable Startup 2/24/2019 link
Vicarious Surgical in TechCrunch: Robotics, AR and VR are poised to reshape healthcare, starting in the operating room 2/24/2019 link
VR, surgical robotics company Vicarious Surgical lands $10M 2/22/2019 link
Altaeros launches aerial cell tower 2/22/2019 link
Lunar Station Corporation in Bostinno: This MIT Startup Helps Us Understand the Moon Better 2/22/2019 link
AirWorks Solutions Raises $2.3 Million in seed round 2/19/2019 link
Altaeros in the Boston Globe: Altaeros takes cell service to new heights 2/19/2019 link
Bill Gates-backed Vicarious Surgical adds a virtual reality twist to robots in the operating room 2/15/2019 link
Vicarious Surgical Secures an Additional $10 Million in Funding 2/15/2019 link
Embr Labs Enters Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation 2/15/2019 link
Rendever - Tech products help the elderly stay independent 2/15/2019 link
Ministry of Supply to Sell Sweaters That Auto-Adjust to Their Wearers' Bodies 2/15/2019 link
Ministry of Supply: This Startup's New Jacket Is Taking On the Frigid Weather With Some Help From Amazon's Alexa 2/15/2019 link
Mobile Pixels' DUEX Selected as a Winner at the 2019 Edison Awards 2/15/2019 link
Vicarious Surgical raises $10m more 2/15/2019 link
Dotmatics and TetraScience announce technology integration 2/15/2019 link
DUST Identity Named to the MIT Startup Exchange STEX25 2/15/2019 link
For Valentine's Day, the Lovebox is a better gift than flowers 2/15/2019 link
Ready4, Inc. (formerly known as LTG Exam Prep Platform, Inc) acquired by TAL Education 2/15/2019 link
Stone Lantern Games - Indie Game Developer Launches Dating Service Ahead of Valentine's Day 2/15/2019 link
Cogito in Fast Company: Can talking to a bot help you feel better? 2/15/2019 link
World's First Commercial Aerial Cell Tower Launched By Altaeros 2/15/2019 link
Flexetail unit included in Boston Globe article about pop-up retailer Sh*t I Knit 2/14/2019 link
Radian Jeans in the Boston Globe: Do women really care about pants pockets? 2/11/2019 link
Cogito in the Boston Globe: Feeling Emotional? These Machines Know 2/11/2019 link
Mobile Pixels wins 2019 Edison Award 2/7/2019 link
AirWorks: Startup that wants to help developers map construction sites in "near real time" raises $2.3M 2/4/2019 link
Raptor Maps in the MIT News: Optimizing solar farms with smart drones 2/1/2019 link
Beautiful Puzzle-Platformer Evergate Raises $10,000 on Kickstarter in Two Days 1/24/2019 link
Labby: This MIT Startup Wants to Help Dairy Farms Test Milk Quality Using Light 1/24/2019 link
Bessemer Ventures Pours $35M in Smart Water Dispenser Startup Bevi 1/24/2019 link
Bevi Lands $35M for Smarter Water Cooler That Gets to Know You 1/23/2019 link
Akselos included in top 10 digital oil field solution providers of 2018 1/23/2019 link
Accion Systems: Jerry Yang's latest tech interests: Space exploration and longevity 1/22/2019 link
Radian in Mental Floss: Finally: These Women's Jeans Are Designed With Pockets Deep Enough to Actually Hold Your Stuff 1/18/2019 link
Terrafugia in IEEE Spectrum 1/18/2019 link
Strand Therapeutics targeting solid tumors with with its MIT born technology 1/15/2019 link
Mobile Pixels: The New Innovations in Consumer Electronics (NICE) Awards Recognize Products and Companies at CES Using Technology in A New, Innovative Way 1/15/2019 link
Nico & Robo: Local Chemist Creates Skin Care Busy Women Can Use 1/15/2019 link
Affectiva: Aptiv Partners MIT Media Lab Spin-Off Affectiva To Enable the Next Generation Vehicle Experience 1/14/2019 link
Embr Labs: 10 Crazy gadgets to watch out for at CES 2019 1/14/2019 link
WatchTower Robotics: These Technologies Could Put an End to Leaky Water Mains 1/14/2019 link
Protonmail Launches GDPR Site to Help Businesses 1/14/2019 link
Dust Identity in Venture Fizz 12/21/2018 link
Cogito and CompanionMx - A new company just launched that can detect depression based on the sound of your voice — here's how it works 12/21/2018 link
Bounce Imaging - Columbia County Sheriff's Office wants tactical throwable cameras 12/21/2018 link
WaveSense, the Company Behind the World's First Commercial Ground-Penetrating Radar Sensor for Self-Driving Vehicles, to Attend CES 2019 12/19/2018 link
Ministry of Supply will tailor this sweater to your body while you wait 12/19/2018 link
Affectiva's Rana el Kaliouby in WSJ: Rana El-Kaliouby on Making Breakthroughs in Technology and Culture 12/17/2018 link
Wecyclers - Unilever gives N18m grant for waste management 12/14/2018 link
Cogito spins out CompanionMx to bring emotion-tracking to health care providers 12/14/2018 link
Manisha Mohan in Forbes: The Smart Dress That Is Bringing Sexual Harassment Into The Limelight 12/13/2018 link
Cogito Snags Extra $8M & Seattle-Based MIT Spinoff Tenacity 12/13/2018 link
Radian: Boston Startup Takes on Problem Levi's Won't: Women's Pockets 12/13/2018 link
Novo Space: SDM Alum's Company Wins Top Prize in MIT $100K Pitch Contest 12/13/2018 link
Bristol-Myers Squibb Awards "Golden Tickets" for LabCentral to ReviveMed, Strand Therapeutics 12/12/2018 link
Rana el Kaliouby of Affectiva in Forbes 12/12/2018 link
Revive Solutions Raises $3.4M Seed Round 12/12/2018 link
MIT's 'Lean on Me' to Launch at BC Next Year 11/26/2018 link
DOE-Funded Aquanis Research To Improve Wind Turbine Technology 11/26/2018 link
Privo Technologies Receives a $3M Award 11/26/2018 link
AI drug miner XtalPi raises another $46M in series B add- on 11/26/2018 link