VMS is open to all members of the MIT community (students, faculty, staff and alumni) who have ideas and want to start new businesses. The MIT member must be the active "entrepreneur" of the venture. In addition, the entrepreneur and the venture must both be based in the greater Boston area.

The road to becoming an entrepreneur is often challenging. Through hands-on mentoring, VMS's entrepreneurs learn how to perfect their products and services, identify markets, build business organizations, and seek funding. Whatever their stage of development, all ideas/businesses are welcome.

Relationships between mentors and potential entrepreneurs are established on the basis of each entrepreneur's needs and preferences, and the interests of the available mentors. Entrepreneurs are assured impartial and unbiased advice by a code of ethics to which all mentors must adhere.

Team mentoring offers a unique opportunity to “coach” the leader of the venture, and to selectively lend their wealth of contacts and experiences. Success is not only defined by starting a profitable company, but in the learning experience that mentees can receive from their mentor team.

You can have the greatest idea; you can have all the investors in the world, but if you do not have the skilled entrepreneur, you will fail.

Sherwin Greenblatt, VMS Director

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