Outreach Training Program

Training Programs

MIT VMS can provide your organization comprehensive assistance in establishing a formal, sustainable and scalable mentoring program based on our model, with significantly reduced start-up time and greatly enhanced effectiveness and quality.

Through our Immersion Program —a 2 ½-day program delivered at MIT — MIT VMS shares all the core knowledge, processes and best practices underlying its team mentoring methods to start up your new mentoring program towards excellence.

Other complementary programs can provide valuable ongoing support based on your organization’s specific needs — from early-stage planning and building support in your community, to training your founding mentors, to establishing, improving and scaling up your mentoring program.

The programs are delivered to each organization individually, taking in consideration the organization’s specific objectives, entrepreneurial environment, mentoring resources and strategic challenges.

MIT VMS is a self-sustaining organization and the Outreach Training Programs are provided on a participation fee basis.

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Working with MIT VMS at the outset saved us at least two to three years in start-up time… Without the fantastic support we’ve had from MIT VMS we would not be anywhere near where we are today.

Erwin H. “Pete” Peters, Executive Director, InnovateVMS of St. Louis, Mo.