Adopt Our Model

Training Programs

MIT VMS can provide comprehensive assistance as you plan, establish and grow a mentoring program based on our Model.

We start by training your leadership team in the Immersion Program, a 2 ½ day course delivered exclusively to your organization at MIT. Through a combination of curriculum, first-hand participation in MIT VMS activities and in-depth strategic discussions, we will teach your leadership how to start and operate an impactful mentoring program. We cover topics from ethical standards to proven processes for execution; from Team Mentoring practices to IT requirements; from mentor screening and engagement to program evaluation and metrics — all while considering your organization’s specific context.

We also offer a series of additional programs, delivered at your location or virtually as appropriate, which provides valuable ongoing support based on your needs.

Immersion Program

- Comprehensive curriculum

- First-hand learning

- In-depth strategic discussion

- Non-exclusive license from MIT to implement our Model in your organization

Additional Programs

- Mentor Training

- Mentor Selection

- Stakeholder Program

- Strategy Sessions

- Custom programs

There is no need to learn mentorship by trial and error. Embracing the VMS model will save any institution a significant amount of time and money.

Scott Fitzgerald, Board Member

Silicon Couloir, Jackson Hole, WY