Tekuma wants to democratize the art gallery industry by enabling artists to partner with Airbnb hosts in order to run micro dynamic galleries through their apartments. Operating within the hospitality market of Airbnb is a trigger for buying and exhibiting art as people today more than ever are in search for an experience where they can connect better with local culture and talent. The vision is to reimagine how we can build and enhance value of real estate while realizing a storefront for each independent creator to share and sell their artistic creations to travelers.

If not for VMS, we would still be in an idea phase. Our mentors really helped push us to think beyond our comfort zone. As much as we are inclined to fall in love with our first idea; VMS will make sure you execute to test whether it works or not. In our case, Tekuma has gone through several iterations and because of that we were able to get accepted into the 2015 MIT GFSA Accelerator.