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MIT Venture Mentoring Service Donors

The MIT Venture Mentoring Service is pleased to recognize the financial support of our mentors and friends for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 2017 to June 2018)

Eugene Achter

Jerry Ackerman

Carlton Aird

Jason Alonso and Catherine Havesi

Anonymous (5)

Ardeshir Falaki

Thomas Barocci

Gordon and Kate Baty

Stephen Bayle

Mamat Beck

Afarin Bellisario

Jeffrey Bernstein

Vivian Bolt

Adele Bozza

Lucille Braun and John Wasserlein

Bernice Broyde

Ryan Buckley

Aliki Collins

Shivang Dave

Carl and Anna Dietrich

Alec Dingee and Susan Gray

Jonathan Downey

Kyriaki Dunussi

Ardeshir Falaki

Michael Feldstein

Dawn Fitzgerald

Trish Fleming and David Brown

Geoff Gill

Eitan Glinert

Louis Goldish

Robert Goodof

Robert Gottlieb

Allan and Janet Green

Jonathan Green and Jennifer Stone

Sherwin and Vivian Greenblatt

Louis Gudema

Adi Guzdar

Joseph Hadzima

James Harrison

Paul Hartung

Daniel Housman

Andy Huang

Kathleen Huber

Catherine Iacobo

Charles Jernigan

Jonathan Katz

Steven and Carolyn Kelly

James Kemler

Robert Kessler

Charles Kiefer

Thomas Klein

Curt Kohlberg

Lawrence Krakauer

Kristin Kupres

Gene Landy

Eric and Yolanda Lau

Hikyu Lee

Howard Levin

David Levitt

Nancy Levy

Linda Lewi

Melinda Lindquist

Roman Lubynsky and Karen Golz

George Mabry

David Manns

Walter Massenburg

Ali Merchant

Morton Meyerson

Silvio Micali

John Miller

Peter Miller

Alex Min

Seth Muriph

Kirimania Murithi

Quinton Ng

John O’Donnell

Bruce Osterling

Andrew Percey

Geoff Phillips

Thomas Pounds

Peter and Meghan Quigley

Thomas Rarich

Neil and Anna Winter Rasmussen

Peter Rosenblum

Daniel Ross

Ernest Sabine

Ronald Scharlack

Joel Schindall

Richard Scott

Andrea Schievella and Robert Karp

Donald Shobrys and Carol Aronson

Kevin Sieck

Mimi and Frank Slaughter

Stephen Smith

Jerry Socol

Joseph Soussou

Robert Stearns

Emmanuel Stefanakis

Rochelle Robbins & Donald Steinbrecher

Bruce Sunstein

Rajeev Surati

Jessamy Tang and John Blascovich

Carol Todreas

William Townsend

John Turner and Tee Taggart

James Van Alen

Amy and Pierre Villeneuve

Susan Wagner

Melinda Watman

Ted Werth

Brandon Westley

Victoria Wu Davis

Charles Yie

Jerome Zadow

Kambiz Zangi

Kent Zelle

Charles Ziering

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Donor Spotlight - Carter Jernigan

Carter is an inventor and entrepreneur, with 8 issued patents and having started 3 technology businesses. Carter's latest startup is Frictionless Systems, which is developing technologies to get people "in the zone" so they can be their most effective. Carter is also teaching a class at MIT in the spring for first-year students, based on the neuroscience research being done at his startup. Beyond his own ventures, Carter has 13 years of tech industry experience at giants like Apple, Akamai, and Intel, and well as startups in finance, analytics, logistics, and food.


I first engaged with the VMS about 10 years ago when I launched a mobile app business. My mentors guided me through a lot of early startup challenges to an exit that took me to California. After a five year stint in Silicon Valley, I recently moved back to Cambridge to launch a new startup. I'm so excited to be able to work with the VMS again—I never found anything else like it in Silicon Valley. From the moment you walk in the door at the VMS, everyone is incredibly supportive. At the same time, my mentors also challenge me and bring a variety of different perspectives. For me giving back to the VMS is an opportunity to have a big positive impact, as I've seen firsthand how mentorship helps entrepreneurs succeed.