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MIT Venture Mentoring Service Donors

The MIT Venture Mentoring Service is pleased to recognize the financial support of our mentors and friends for Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016).

  • Eugene Achter
  • Jerry Ackerman
  • Ramon Alonso
  • Anonymous
  • Thomas Barocci
  • Gordon Baty
  • Stephen Bayle
  • Afarin Bellisario
  • Jeffrey Bernstein
  • Vivian Bolt
  • Kerry Bowie
  • Adele Bozza
  • Lucille Braun
  • and John Wasserlein
  • Gregg Brown
  • Bernice Broyde
  • Karl Buttner
  • Aliki Collins
  • Marcus Dahllof
  • Richard Dana
  • Alexander Dingee
  • and Susan Gray
  • Kyri Dunussi
  • Ardeshir Falaki
  • Joshua Feast
  • Trish Fleming
  • and David Brown
  • Andrew Fox
  • Louis Goldish
  • Robert Goodof
  • Robert Gottlieb
  • Jonathan Green
  • and Jennifer Stone
  • Allan Green
  • Sherwin and Vivian Greenblatt
  • Daniel Griffin
  • Jerrold Grochow
  • Adi Guzdar
  • Joseph Hadzima
  • James Harrison
  • Paul Hartung
  • Michael Hayes
  • Kathleen Huber
  • Catherine Iacobo
  • Robert Jones
  • Robert Kessler
  • Charles Kiefer
  • Zebadiah Kimmel
  • David King
  • Aaron Kleiner
  • Curt Kohlberg
  • Lawrence Krakauer
  • Kristin Kupres
  • Thomas Lancaster
  • Gene Landy
  • Eric and Yolanda Lau
  • Hikyu Lee
  • Howard Levin
  • David Levitt
  • Nancy Levy
  • Linda Lewi
  • Melinda Lindquist
  • Roman Lubynsky
  • and Karen Golz
  • George Mabry
  • David Manns
  • Salvatore Mascia
  • Walter Massenburg
  • Ali Merchant
  • John Miller
  • Peter Miller
  • Jean Montagu
  • Kirimania Murithi
  • Quinton Ng
  • John O’Donnell
  • Bruce Osterling
  • Geoff Phillips
  • Peter Quigley
  • Thomas Rarich
  • Neil Rasmussen
  • Peter Rosenblum
  • Gilad Rosenzweig
  • Daniel Ross
  • Ernest Sabine
  • Samuel Schaevitz
  • Ronald Scharlack
  • Richard Scott
  • Donald Shobrys
  • and Carol Aronson
  • Andrea Schievella
  • and Robert Karp
  • Mimi and Frank Slaughter
  • Stephen Smith
  • Jerry Socol
  • Joseph Soussou
  • Ray and Maria Stata
  • Robert Stearns
  • Emmanuel Stefanakis
  • Donald Steinbrecher
  • and Rochelle Robbins
  • Howard Sumner
  • Bruce Sunstein
  • Rajeev Surati
  • Carol Todreas
  • John Turner
  • and Tee Taggart
  • James Van Alen
  • Pierre and Amy Villeneuve
  • Susan Wagner
  • Melinda Watman
  • Ted Werth
  • Brandon Westley
  • Steven Willis
  • David Wilson
  • Charles Yie
  • Kent Zelle
  • Charles and Margaret Ziering

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Did you know that the MIT Venture Mentoring Service relies almost entirely on private donations? With your generous financial support, you will join those who have shown their commitment to helping VMS educate MIT's emerging entrepreneurs. Click here to donate online.

Donor Spotlight - Kirimania Murithi

Kirimania is an avid entrepreneur with a focus in emerging markets, specifically Kenya. He is the president & CEO of Nairobi Capital, Inc., a company whose main operations are in Kenya in business finance and real estate development. VMS thanks Kirimania for his generosity to MIT and the MIT Venture Mentoring Service.


The launch of my company, Nairobi Capital, Inc., was fine-tuned at VMS. VMS provided me with a platform to develop the initial idea into a credible business proposal from which I was able to raise money and start the business. We have been in operation for the last 7 years, registering steady growth and being profitable every year. More important is the positive impact that we are making in Kenya by enhancing entrepreneurship and providing employment. Thus, it is no surprise that when aspiring young MIT entrepreneurs approach me for advice, I always refer them to VMS as a starting point.