Adopt Our Model

Recognized for its leadership and excellence in entrepreneurship mentoring, MIT VMS has made part of its mission the dissemination of our mentoring Model to other institutions. We accomplish that mission by transferring the methodology, concepts and practices underlying the MIT VMS Model through our Outreach Training Program.

Over the past 10+ years, our experience has shown that the MIT VMS Model can be successfully replicated in different types of organizations (universities, economic development agencies, business incubators and accelerators, etc.), different geographies and cultures, in communities of different scales and with different entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Whether your goal is to educate the entrepreneur, accelerate venture growth, increase tech transfer or create jobs in your community, we can help you establish a formal, sustainable and impactful mentoring program to support it.


- Unique Team Mentoring methodology

- Strict code of ethics to assure objective, conflict-free and confidential advice

- Best practices for recruiting, training and retaining a community of highly qualified and committed volunteer mentors

- Focus on the entrepreneur

- Formal operational processes

The Institute will continue to serve as one of the most powerful engines of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world. MIT VMS has been and always will be critical to that mission. MIT VMS makes a unique contribution to entrepreneurship at MIT by engaging its large group of highly qualified volunteer mentors to guide aspiring entrepreneurs as they develop the skills to bring their ideas to fruition.

Dr. L. Rafael Reif,


Massachusetts Institute of Technology