Neumitra develops wearable, connected technologies to address the effects of stress on health, productivity, and happiness. Our technologies passively monitor the autonomic nervous system and the people, places, and events that cause stress. Mobile applications add personalized support to mitigate acute and chronic stressors. We apply proprietary analytics to generate recurring reports of aggregate stress and health trends for individuals, clinicians, and large organizations. Fortune 500s are paying for worse performance and higher costs associated with the cumulative effects of stress on their most valuable commodity - their people. Where knowledge workers are professional athletes, with their brains as their strongest muscle, we reduce operating costs associated with errors, accidents, absenteeism, and turnover. Our founding team met at MIT combining extensive experiences in neuroimaging, machine learning, and biotechnologies. Neumitra delivers the data-driven tools to solve the stress epidemic. From one person to thousands across minutes to years, we develop the technologies to change how we all live, work, and play.

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