Merrimack Analysis Group

Online identity. There are several components to our business, including seminars about online identity and security, which we deliver at schools, businesses, and civic venues; online identity optimization consulting for individuals and small businesses; published writings about online identity; and the SCRAPE (Social Media Collection, Reporting, and Evaluation) Utility, a software tool that combines a proprietary algorithm with subjective analysis to help individuals understand and manage their online presence.

VMS has been a tremendous help for our venture. I had no sales experience prior to launching this venture, and my initial cold call attempts were miserable. My pitch was far too wordy, not clear, and failed to convey my value proposition. Lou Goldish mixed just the right amount of compassion and 'tough love' while walking me through the steps of a far more effective approach. After one session with Lou, my cold call conversion rate nearly tripled. David Manns has also been a huge help for us -- he has consistently given us level-headed advice and encouraged us to think about various monetization strategies. I've added nearly 60 clients since I started working with VMS, and I plan on making my start-up a major player in the burgeoning field of online identity.