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Magurobotics is a product design company engaged in bringing high-quality fishing products imbued with technology to make the fishing experience more effective, engaging, and fun. Our first product is the Zombait lure, designed to impart lifelike swimming motion to otherwise dead bait fish. This allows an angler to use dead bait as effectively as live bait but with far less trouble.

Our mentors have helped us tremendously to create a strategy for how to bring Zombait to market and have challenged us to think through many of the issues which arise with bringing a hardware product to market. Their experience has shifted our focus to the all-important "next step" and their guidance and shared knowledge has been instrumental to our early successes. The VMS staff has worked hard on our behalf to enable the meetings and setting up the legal and IP office hours that we have used to get some early perspective into fundraising and intellectual property, and also allowed us to demo our product at a VMS events. A huge thank you to the entire team!