Lexumo enables IoT and embedded systems teams to securely adopt the best open source available -- so they can bring great products to market faster. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the company was formed by a team of computer and data scientists who developed the company's core technology for DARPA. Lexumo's automated cloud-based service uses a combination of indexed search, graph analytics and machine learning technologies to precisely identify known open source vulnerabilities in embedded code. Lexumo also provides continuous monitoring to immediately alert development teams when newly-disclosed vulnerabilities affect their code, along with actionable remediation information to help quickly patch affected functions.

VMS has been an exceptional resource. When we set out, we were three co-founders with an idea and some technology. Our VMS mentors helped guide us to turn those ideas and technology into a product and company. They helped us focus on what's most important at each stage along the way. Our mentors have been a great sounding board; with their help, we spun Lexumo out of Draper Laboratory, raised venture capital, and are building an exciting, new, scalable cyber-security business.