KGS Buildings, LLC

KGS Buildings, LLC is a technology company offering automated diagnostics and building performance management software and services to building operators, managers, engineers and service providers. KGS’ flagship software, Clockworks™ is used around the world by direct customers and through channel partners to deliver persistent energy savings, pro-active maintenance, and more efficient building operations. Founded while its partners were completing their PhDs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, KGS has grown rapidly through customer driven-development and global channel partnerships with leading vendors of energy solutions and services.

VMS' mentors have been a steadfast source of insight for KGS through many years of evolution and growth. We have worked with multiple mentors, providing advice pertaining to multiple facets of our business, including legal issues, human resources, business strategy, strategic partnerships, business models and partner issues. We can always trust that the VMS mentors, and the VMS program, has the interest of the MIT founders and the company at heart, and not ulterior business motives. VMS has been and continues to be a guiding force in our business.