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In Memory of VMS Co-Founder Alec Dingee

VMS Co-founder Alec Dingee, successful entrepreneur who started seven companies, passed away on March 22, 2019. Alec founded VMS in 2000, along with the late Professor David Staelin, to remedy a gap in how the university supports emerging entrepreneurial ventures.

Learn more about the life and legacy of VMS Co-Founder Alec Dingee in the MIT News.

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VMS has been an exceptional resource. When we set out, we were three co-founders with an idea and some technology. Our mentors helped guide us to turn those ideas and technology into a product and company. They helped us focus on what's most important at each stage along the way. Our mentors have been a great sounding board; with their help, we spun out of Draper Laboratory, raised venture capital, and are building an exciting, new, scalable cyber-security business.

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The wisdom of experienced mentors at the VMS has really helped us get started and allowed us to move fast.

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When we first started out we were a consulting organization. VMS was instrumental in helping us design the original business and helped us as we shifted to a product company. They also provided a lot of critical early advice. Now, VMS is a great community of fellow entrepreneurs!


VMS is open to all members of the MIT community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) who have ideas and want to start businesses. You must be based in the greater Boston area.


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VMS Company Spotlight - Coding Dojo

“Our experiences since graduating from MIT have given us an appreciation for entrepreneurship and the value of thinking creatively, exploring ideas with peers and mentors, and learning by doing. MIT VMS supports entrepreneurs throughout their journey by offering invaluable insight and advice from mentors who have been through it all - through the highs and lows and all the surprises in between. The network of mentors is at the heart of MIT VMS and their generosity and desire to give back to the MIT community is a very special gift. We support the continued success of MIT VMS.”

- Mimi & Frank Slaughter

Frank and Mimi Slaughter are on the leadership team of MotiveMetrics, an SaaS start-up that melds marketers' insights with complex digital marketing. Frank and Mimi have been generous donors and champions of VMS for many years. We thank them for their support and friendship.

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