Fire Hose Games

  • We help others make games
  • Need help getting your game out the door? We're a full service contact studio capable of handling art, programming, design, and more. Drop us a line and let's see what we can dream up together.
  • We're nerds at heart
  • We speak in binary, understand technology, and have far too many MIT graduates and founders. We care about research, give talks, and like to think about the difficult problems of game development.

VMS was incredibly helpful when it came to getting Fire Hose off the ground. I was a computer science graduate student with dreams of starting my own company, and no clue how to do it. VMS matched me up with mentors who asked hard questions and gave me great advice, and the folks who worked at VMS pointed me in smart directions and helped me avoid many common pitfalls. I can't recommend VMS enough to any MIT student looking to start their own company.