Filter Sensing Technologies Inc. (FST)

Filter Sensing Technologies, Inc. (FST) is focused on developing advanced measurement and control technologies to meet today’s most pressing challenges facing energy consumption and the environment. The company’s technologies encompass on-vehicle sensors and controls, filter cleaning and reconditioning equipment, and advanced instrumentation and diagnostic systems. FST’s sensing and control solutions enable engine and vehicle manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent emissions standards in a diverse range of on- and off-road applications, while maximizing engine efficiency. FST maintains a broad IP portfolio spanning these applications and works closely with OEM customers to develop custom filtration sensing and control solutions to address currently unmet needs in these markets.

FST began working with VMS since the early days of the company’s founding in 2008, and the relationship continues today. Beginning with the initial business concept and company founding in a dorm at MIT, to our subsequent funding, product trials with customers, and growth into our own facilities just outside Boston, VMS has been a key resource at each step along the way. We have benefited greatly from the input of our advisory team, direct one-on-one interactions with key advisors, ample networking opportunities, targeted seminars, and participation in programs such as VentureShips, which have all been made possible through VMS. We look forward to continuing to work with VMS as the company and our business needs evolve!