ecoVent is an MIT based startup which has developed a wireless retrofit control system for existing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) installations that addresses homeowner frustrations of temperature imbalance between rooms, and high energy costs related to heating and cooling homes. Our system offers unparalleled climate control at less than half the price of the next best solution. Additionally, the ecoVent system reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 50%, and pays for itself in less than three years. ecoVent operates in a huge market desperate for innovation, and has identified beachhead distribution partners to bring the system to market. The Company’s team of 5 world-class engineers and a proven finance mastermind are on schedule to complete its beta system by Q1 2014. The ecoVent system is the backbone of our long-term goal of offering an all-encompassing smart home management system. Using HVAC as our entry point, we will offer customers additional hardware to provide a cutting edge, home control system.

VMS is an amazing service. We've had many meetings with them and we always leave the meetings thinking, "Wow, we have a lot of work to do." We can say without question, that the advice we've received from VMS has been extremely helpful and helped shape our company as it is today. We love the challenging questions posed in meetings. We love that the mentors are always engaged and excited about what we're doing. It's a tremendous resource and the entire ecoVent team is extremely appreciative of the time and effort the mentors have given us.