CoolChip Technologies

CoolChip Technologies is modernizing electronics cooling with fully integrated forced convection devices. Compared with conventional approaches, the patent-pending kinetic heat sinks deliver 2-3X improvements in heat transfer, power consumption, acoustics, and/or form factor for applications such as Computing & Gaming Systems, Notebooks & Laptops, Servers, Graphics Cards, Portable/Mobile Systems.

VMS has played an instrumental role in the life and growth of CoolChip. The mentors' unbiased feedback and advising has been invaluable in informing major strategic decisions and handling sensitive situations. From startup to big company, the mentor network bring lots to the table for all functions: from business development, marketing & sales, engineering, R&D, operations & manufacturing, etc. In addition, through numerous high-quality, high-exposure events, we have been able to showcase CoolChip to general audiences for business and product feedback and forging additional relationships. VMS is ALWAYS the first resource that we recommend to all entrepreneurs we meet!