BioBuilder Educational Foundation

We put current synthetic biology research into the hands of teachers and students. By converting exciting and ongoing research questions into teachable modules, we hope to increase interest, engagement and understanding of science and engineering. The digital and hands-on educational resources we provide inspire students to address the world’s persistent challenges by reprogramming living cells. Our professional development workshops reconnect science teachers with their love of teaching.

I could not have formed my public benefit organization without the insight, connections and encouragement of my incredible VMS team. I may have been the most naive entrepreneur they ever met when I walked into that first meeting with them. "Entrepreneur" was something I could neither spell nor be. But thanks to the patience, focus and tenacity of my VMS team, they organized my thinking and my work into leadership and impact. Stepwise, they led me to articulate what I was trying to do, what motivated my efforts and what steps would enable me to reach my goals. The VMS acronym could just as easily stand for 'Very Magical Setting" because their work with me was truly transformative and I'm beyond grateful for their shepherding.