Barrett Technology, Inc.

Barrett is a technology maverick. In 1988, Barrett introduced the first ever haptic human-interactive robot. In 1998, Mako Surgical licensed Barrett’s flagship WAM® robotic arm for its haptically-enabled surgical robot. In 2000, the WAM was cited in the special Millennium Edition of the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s “most advanced” robot. In 2004, Barrett introduced its Puck® networked brushless-motor controller. In 2010, DARPA’s ARM program singled out Barrett’s two main products, the latest WAM Arm and the BarrettHand, with a purchase of 14 systems, as the foundation of the new standard in support of AI development in advanced manipulation. Last year, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum launched a major exhibit highlighting two physically interactive WAM arms and BarrettHands. Today, Barrett is excitedly preparing to launch a completely new product line in the field of robotic stroke rehabilitation and the VMS has been an active supporter.

Towards the end of 2013, Burt Doo, a great mentor to me and Barrett Technology, died completely unexpectedly. He had far more business experience than I did, so I had always valued his sage advice. A couple weeks later, I was sharing my grief with MIT fellow classmate, AC Kinetics CEO Neil Singer, who suggested contacting MIT's Venture Mentoring Service. At first I was skeptical that the VMS would approach the high bar that Burt had left. So it was a wonderful surprise to find *multiple* VMS mentors absolutely eager to help me by sharing the breadth and depth of their combined knowledge and connections. I will probably always miss Burt, but I cannot thank VMS enough for the valuable advice they have given me so far, especially during such a challenging period.