Avalanche Energy

Solar energy has had limited adoption in the US small commercial and residential sectors due to high installation cost and orientation requirements. At Avalanche Energy, we believe that clean energy should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Our company designs and supplies minimalist solar energy product that are highly efficient, compact, and economic for small-scale applications.

Our first product line, the SunTracer™ is a patent-pending direct active solar hot water system. It consists of a compact double-reflecting parabolic collector and dual axis-tracking capability, which translate into an above 30% reduction in cost of ownership and a superior efficiency of 80% compared to traditional solar hot water systems. Additionally, tracking allows SunTracer™ to be installed with flexibility in its orientation and requires a much smaller area, resulting in a simpler and shorter installation.

MIT's Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) has been extremely helpful in developing our young company's foundation. We came to VMS with an idea about solving a problem faced by millions of homeowners and the experienced mentors helped us formulate a framework that would make sure we turned that idea into a viable solution. On top of this, the industry expertise we received during the meetings resulted in figuring out potential hurdles in advance, which better prepared our company to face those challenges. There is no doubt in our mind that this experience has made our company stronger and increased our likelihood to succeed in the marketplace.