AquaVenture WaterCrafts

Technical limitations make personal submarines docile, uninspired machines even billionaires don't want. Battery power limits existing subs to a few miles per hour. It can take 10-15 minutes to reach a shallow site, and from there to the next site could be an hour. The SeaBird high-performance, lowcost towed personal sub is a game-changer, offering new possibilities in not only the recreational area, but to any maritime professional with an underwater mission. Grasp SeaBird's control stick and travel straight up, nearly straight down, and roll upside down. Travel submerged at up to 25 mph! SeaBird's proprietary towing and stability system propels you at 10 times the speed. You'll reach that same underwater site in a minute, and be on to the next site in five minutes. See two sites in 20 minutes versus two hours! Just as fantastic, the short transit time in SeaBird can be spent in play – maneuvering like an underwater fighter pilot– as opposed to staring out the window for two hours at nothing but empty ocean.

An extension of the quality experience that comes with anything associated with MIT, VMS draws upon a plenitude of resources to assist member companies. We had direct consultation with highly successful entrepreneurs and business people, had the chance to present our business plan to the MIT venture community, received regular invitations to participate and present in on-campus, industry-cooperative events, and benefit from regular monitoring, advisory meetings, and assistance making the right connections. Even as a business professor in another university, I find VMS support invaluable.