Akselos provides next-generation software for simulating large-scale engineering systems. Engineering simulation software is a multi-billion dollar industry, but conventional methods such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) are very time-consuming and computationally intensive. Akselos' technology breaks through these barriers and provides simulation results for large-scale systems in seconds. The technology is based on over 12 years of research at MIT, and leverages new mathematical methods as well as massively parallel high-performance computing deployment on the cloud. Akselos has customers in the mining, oil & gas and power systems industries. The team currently has 11 engineers, with offices in Boston, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

Our VMS mentors have always provided us with valuable advice (backed up by experience) on how to accelerate our product development and business development work. VMS is a wonderful service and we are indebted to the world class group of mentors who have been with us since the beginning of Akselos.