Smack Innovations

Re-Inventing The Wheel” (RITW) makes driving more interesting, more safe, and more productive. RITW is a smart phone controller / steering wheel cover that fits over any steering wheel, has no wires, and takes a driver less than a minute to put on his wheel. Hitting sensors on the steering wheel cover can connect a driver to apps on his smart phone without him ever having to take his hands off the wheel or his eyes off the road.With RITW's first smart phone app, Smack Attack, you can tap on RITW to play drums over your car's existing speakers. Each of the 8 color-coded sensors plays a different sound from a standard drum kit. You can even play drums on top of songs from your smart phone's music library.

A one-minute video of the app in action can be found here.

Other apps are in the works. Longer-term, we'd like all apps on your phone to be accessible

using RITW.

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